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Mapping of noise pollution by different interpolation methods in recovery section of Ghandi telecommunication Cables Company (22429 Views)
Prevalence, Pattern and Impact of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders on Functional Performance of Welders in a Nigeria Rural-Urban Center (17770 Views)
Prevalence of head lice infestation among 3-6 years old nursery children in Kashan (2009) (14323 Views)
Epidemiology of occupational exposure to needlestick and body fluids among doctors and medical students in Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences (13239 Views)
Noise pollution analysis in Tehran cement plant (12324 Views)
A survey on occupational accidents among construction industry workers in Yazd city: Applying Time Series 2006-2011 (11752 Views)
Fluoride concentration in drinking water in Shahroud (Northern Iran) and determination of DMF index in 7 year old children (10364 Views)
Human errors identification in operation of meat grinder using TAFEI technique (10109 Views)
Evaluation of Noise pollution in the schools of Birjand city and its administrative solutions, in 2011 (9295 Views)
Mediating role of supervisor on the association between work stress with physical and psychological symptoms among employees of Isfahan Steel Company in 2012 (7201 Views)
Job satisfaction as a multidimensional concept: A systematic review study (6986 Views)
Does shift work increase the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol among hospital nurses? A historical cohort study (6511 Views)
Comparing the mental health of housewives and day shift working women in Yazd County, Iran, 2010 (6057 Views)
Evaluating Occupational Risk Factors among Golzar rug weavers, Kerman, Iran (5994 Views)
Risk factors of the musculoskeletal and joint pains among employees who work with computer in Rafsanjan city in the years 2012-13 (5740 Views)
Occupational Exposure to pesticides and spontaneous abortion among female pistachio farmers: a case-control study (5093 Views)
Occupational genital injuries during 10 years in pistachio farmers, Rafsanjan, Iran (5011 Views)
Occupational noise exposure among the workers of Kerman Cement Plant, 2009 (4745 Views)
Pesticide induced complications among pistachio farmers: In the rural area of Rafsanjan, Iran (2010) (4594 Views)
Occupational burnout assessment among nurses working in Iranian hospital of Ali-ebn Abitaleb, Rafsanjan- Iran (4376 Views)
Epidemiological characteristics of suicide cases in Rafsanjan from 2004 to 2009: the roles of family disputes and unemployment (4332 Views)
Vitamin D deficiency among postmenopausal women with low trauma acute hip fracture compared to those with fractures due to high energy trauma (4146 Views)
Biological monitoring of genotoxicity to organophosphate pesticide exposure among rice farmers: Exposure-effect continuum study (3322 Views)
Lower immunity to tetanus in cigarette smoker subjects (3069 Views)
The Prevalence of Malnutrition among Children under 5 Years old Referred to Health Centers in Iranshahr during 2010-2011 (2933 Views)
A survey to evaluate the association between blood lead level and blood pressure among workers employed in factory manufacturing lead acid-storage batteries (2900 Views)
Comprehension of workplace safety signs: A case study in Shiraz industrial park (2605 Views)
The effect of season and production systems on qualitative and quantitative properties of milk produced in dairy farms of Yazd province (2283 Views)
The association between VO2max and heart rate of casting industry workers (2283 Views)
A Survey on the application and storage conditions of pesticides in Kashan, Iran, 2012 (2212 Views)
The knowledge, attitude, and practice of physicians and medical students of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, regarding standard precautions (2190 Views)
Occupational health and musculoskeletal symptoms among Indian Medical Laboratory technicians (2186 Views)
Personality traits as predictors of occupational accident rates among workers of Khorasan Petrochemical Company, Iran (2135 Views)
Developing a questionnaire in occupational epidemiological research: Some common sense guidelines (2096 Views)
Knowledge, self-efficacy, and practice among nurses for prevention of chronic low back pain in Arak, Iran, in 2014 (2094 Views)
Exposure to particles and respiratory symptoms in stone carvers of Kerman, Iran (2035 Views)
Toxic metals in the deposited particles from air of the training space of Amir Abad Campus, University of Birjand, 2012 (1932 Views)
Comparison of ergonomic risk assessment results from Quick Exposure Check and Rapid Entire Body Assessment in an anodizing industry of Tehran, Iran (1814 Views)
Assessment of ultraviolet radiation exposure of welders working in Shahrud City, Iran, 2014 (1800 Views)
The role of workload and job satisfaction in general health of industrial workers in Gonabad, Iran, in 2015 (1726 Views)
Impact of diurnal temperature variations on hospitalization due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in Rafsanjan, Iran, in 2008-2013 (1684 Views)
An epidemiologic study of animal bites in North Khorasan Province, Iran, from 2005 to 2011 (1602 Views)
Effect of Workplace Noise and Light Conditions on Dentists' Quality of Life, Shiraz, 2013 (1600 Views)
Semi-quantitative risk assessment of health exposure to hazardous chemical agents in a petrochemical plant (1592 Views)
Risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorders by OVAKO Working posture Analysis System OWAS and evaluate the effect of ergonomic training on posture of farmers (1582 Views)
The role of fatalistic beliefs and safety climate in predicting work situation awareness among workers of one petrochemical industry in Asaluyeh, Iran, in 2014 (1560 Views)
Biological monitoring of petrochemical industry workers exposed to benzene, toluene, xylenes, methyl ethyl ketone, and phenol in Southern Iran (1542 Views)
Evaluation of Rating Scale Mental Effort (RSME) effectiveness for mental workload assessment in nurses (1526 Views)
Evaluation of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders using Rapid Entire Body Assessment among hairdressers in Khorramabad, Iran, in 2014 (1504 Views)
Identification and assessment of hazard in the Refractory Brick Production Company of Gonabad, Iran, using the hazard and operability technique (1473 Views)
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