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  Submission Instruction

The corresponding author or one of the coauthors must complete and submit an Authorship Form with signed statements on Authorship Responsibility, Criteria, and Contributions; Confirmation of Reporting Conflicts of Interest and Funding; and either Copyright Transfer/Publishing Agreement or Federal Employment. In addition, authors are required to identify their contributions to the work described in the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will review an edited typescript and proof, make decisions regarding the release of information in the manuscript to the news media, federal agencies, or both, and will be identified as the corresponding author in the published article.

Editorial Review and Publication

Authors will be notified of the receipt of manuscripts and editorial decisions by e-mail. Median turnaround times from submission to acceptance are 90 days (including review and author revision) for all manuscripts.

Funding/Support and Role of Sponsor. All financial and material support for the research and the work should be clearly and completely identified in an Acknowledgment section of the manuscript. The specific role of the funding organization or sponsor in each of the following should be specified: “design and conduct of the study; collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of the data; and preparation, review, or approval of the manuscript.”

Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that they have not been published previously in print or electronic format and are not under consideration by another publication or electronic medium.

Ethical Approval of Studies and Informed Consent. For all manuscripts reporting data from studies involving human participants or animals, formal review and approval, or formal review and waiver, by an appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee is required and should be described in the Methods section. For those investigators who do not have formal ethics review committees, the principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki should be followed.

Editorial and Peer Review. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed initially by the editor. Manuscripts are evaluated according to the following criteria: material is original and timely, writing is clear, study methods are appropriate, data are valid, conclusions are reasonable and supported by the data, information is important, and the topic has general medical interest. The editors assess a paper’s eligibility for publication from these basic criteria. Manuscripts with insufficient priority for publication are rejected promptly. Other manuscripts are sent to expert consultants for peer review. Peer reviewer identities are kept confidential, but author identities are made known to reviewers. The existence of a manuscript under review is not revealed to anyone other than peer reviewers and editorial staff. Peer reviewers must maintain confidentiality about the manuscripts they review and must not divulge any information about a specific manuscript or its content to any third party without prior permission from the journal editors. Information from submitted manuscripts may be systematically collected and analyzed as part of research to improve the quality of the editorial or peer review process. Identifying information remains confidential.


Submission in JOHE is free.


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